(Wildcard & Divisional Playoff) Johnny Manziel First Playoff Game! Connected Careers w/ Madden 15 rs

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25 thoughts on “(Wildcard & Divisional Playoff) Johnny Manziel First Playoff Game! Connected Careers w/ Madden 15 rs

  1. Reason why Manziel don’t is because you doing a lot of moving going back &
    forth so either slide of deal with the consequences of trying to make a big

  2. Duke come on man. You say treat madden like a video game yet you complain
    when people do stutter step moves or read option with tom brady. Although
    its not realistic it still a goddam video game. Of all people you shouldn’t
    complain since you use Johnny Foodstamps about 80% of the time with that OP
    running vs tacking previous gen has. If this was on Current gen, xbox 1 per
    say – with truestep locomotion johnny wouldn’t even break a 50 yarder

  3. Im with you Duke, he lagged out, you were up 30-14, with a minute and a
    half left, he would have to score, MAKE the 2pt conversion, RECOVER the
    onside kick, score again, and MAKE another 2pt conversion….this has NEVER
    happened in the NFL, and it wouldn’t have happened in this game…….

  4. Holy shit you bitch a lot. First off read option, or triple option is in
    the fucking game, quit bitching about it, if you hate it sooo much, use it.
    Also when it comes to Madden the “stutter step move” was put in the game by
    EA so you can’t blame people for using it. Lastly just because you didn’t
    lag all season doesn’t mean it’s not your connection, connection can change
    on any given day, it’s not set in stone. As a side note he was only down 2
    possessions with a minute and a half, thats not impossible to come back
    against, like you said it’s a game, and I think fairly you should rematch
    him, if you are good at madden you’ll win again. 

  5. Dude was down 16 he could have tied it only down 2 possessions not 3…but
    he wasnt throwing down field in the 4th quarter so game was was over. Duke
    just bitching even though dude said yeah u won..aint no controversy

  6. This white nigga aint Reggie Miller, he was not about to score, get a 2 pt
    conversion, recover onside, score again, and get another 2pt conversion.
    Duke woulda maybe got scored on once and than get the kick off and give him
    knees cause the guy only has one time out, 1:30 is not enough time to score
    twice, unless you pull a fuckin rabbit out the hat. 

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