Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW

Throughout his three-decade career here at the University of Waterloo, Larry Smith has inspired legions of students to take up the mantle of economics with h…

25 thoughts on “Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW

  1. What if you have too much passion for too many things? For example: If you
    have passion for sex, airplanes and boats would you have to become a
    prostitute on a ecranoplan? That somewhat limits the potential for
    advancement… :-/

  2. This dude is definitely a bit on the troll side. On one hand he has a point
    about “excuses and passion”, and then the other is about “family and
    friends”. Guys like this don’t have too much family or many friends, so
    when it’s his time to shine like he’s in some Batman film he’ll makeup
    whatever to prove some half-ass point. I totally understand “passion beyong
    calculated outcomes”, but he’s pretty disjointed at the end of his
    delivery. This guy deserves the rotten tomato treatment!

  3. I think this pertains to a lot of women. They fear of success, especially
    career success, and hide behind their husbands and his accomplishments by
    saying that their only goal in life as women is to be a stay at home
    mother. This is an excuse for them to not use their brain to development
    their own acccomplishments in life. They rather cower behind the safety net
    of a home. You can be a mother, and still have a career, even if it is a
    part-time career. Being a mother doesn’t mean that you don’t work AT ALL. 

  4. I find this guy too faddy, pessimistic and vague on what he wants to
    convey. Even when trying to see past it, I get demotivated. People change,
    aswell as goals, dreams and circumstances. There are things you can control
    and make the most of, and things beyond your control. As long as you stand
    up for the choices you’ve made and don’t whine about it I don’t see a
    problem. The notion of failure is pretty subjective anyway…

  5. he’s only partially right here, imo, fashionable but not deep. The original
    meaning of ‘passion’ was ‘suffering’. His depiction of passion in marriage
    is proving more and more false. Fashionable today in the industrial world
    b/c we fear becoming automatons. ‘Passion’ is wholly inadequate for
    ‘success’. ‘Hard work’ and ‘preparation’ are far truer.

  6. This guy is fabulous, fear is the thought pattern that is between us and
    the great career that we would like, our passion, our purpose, our calling
    can just happen when we consistently ask the question “What can I do right
    now to keep me happy?” and courageously follow the path of happiness moment
    by moment. We can let go of the other thought patterns that get in the way,
    as well as fear there is anger, jealousy, blame, guilt, resentment, sorrow,
    irritation, frustration, criticism, stress, tension. Live the dream and
    shine, only you can do this for yourself. I believe in your power to do
    this, do you?

  7. Still one of my favorites. Velcro and warp drive, human relationships and
    other motivators… or excuses.
    Watch this if you need a firm kick in the butt… and let me know what you
    think, please.
    I’ve had people tell me how much they hated this talk. 

  8. How the hell is the world going to look like if we all start “living our
    Someone has to clean the poop, and I don’t think those low jobs are getting
    payed better any time soon. We can’t all become big entrepreneurs right?
    Someone has to work on cleaning the poop (nasty or easy low payed jobs).
    Unless we all start cleaning the poop as well, at the same time we “live
    our dreams”. I think the last time something like that was tried, communism
    happened lmao.

  9. Sometimes you have to walk a great circle to make an obvious statement. But
    it did reach me more than just saying the word, you know. What a great

    I wish i’d stop making excuses and i wish i could stop caring about the
    opinions of others. Then i’d be invincible.

  10. annoying and lame. this guy acts like he’s better than everybody. This
    whole follow your passion thing is bullshit. The percentage of successful
    artists is infinitesimal. There is only so much room for CEOs in the world.
    Not everyone can be a millionaire. Ya follow your passion while you rack up
    college debt and the only people able to pay those college loans back are
    in business, engineering or medical fields.

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