Why choose a career in accounting?

Have you ever considered a career in accounting or finance? We got a group of secondary school students to talk to accounting professionals as all stages of …

25 thoughts on “Why choose a career in accounting?

  1. hi guys my name is Jerry i see the video great info, I study accounting
    send me info about accounting technician job and what doing..thanks Jerry

  2. Cool video, but anyone know the name of the rather cute host guy? (Also, i
    think that they mentioned the accountants’ hobbies to show that they’re NOT
    one-dimensional people unlike the stereotypes… I myself now know 4
    accountants, and they’re NOT grey and old and boring, they’re actually fun,
    which is a nice surprise ­čÖé

  3. If someone has a desire to help people and solve problems, then a career in
    accounting or finance may be a good career choice.

  4. This video finally convinced me of the path I am talking. I am getting an
    advance diploma for accounting and finances in college and then
    transferring to get my bachelor in commerce at university.´╗┐

  5. “CEQUEUE9 months ago
    Does it take a 4 year degree to work in Accounting??”

    It takes three years to get a degree in accounting. At least that’s how it
    is in Australia.´╗┐

  6. “pinolero1310 months ago

    “dont mess with him he knows tae kwon do” yeah ok how does that pertain to

    It doesn’t you moron. Also if you noticed, all the other applicants also
    have interests and hobbies about themselves that didn’t pertain to
    accounting either.
    The whole point of that introduction was to show that these applicants are
    diverse backgrounds and experiences. They enjoy different things in life
    and can enjoy a varied lifestyle and don’t fit in some accountant
    Guess you’re pretty dumb and didn’t understand the point.´╗┐

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