17 thoughts on “U.S. Air Force Careers part 1

  1. it was in part one para rescue is also CSAR it stands for combat search and
    rescue which is the main job of Pj’s/ Para Rescue jumpers as there called
    there are several ways PJ are deployed they can be on CSAR Choppers or
    C-130 they are the Air forces special forces they can also deploy with
    JTacs depending on the misson.

  2. Brandan i said that PJ’s can deploy with Jtacs(Combat Controllers) Jtacks
    is what combat controllers are really called. But yeah that one part in
    part one is on para rescue C- SAR although i think i did forget to put in
    combat control in either video.

  3. wow i didn’t realize what you where asking my apology no the second career
    that showed and showed the defensor fortis shield is Security Forces the
    job i am going for.

  4. Yes Sir Explosive Ordnance Disposal my brother in law did this job when he
    was deployed to Iraq not to knock other branches but my brother in law said
    the Army, Marines and a few Navy eod’s he had worked with where only given
    a helmet and flack jacket when they had to manually dismount to detonate
    the bomb. The Air force eod’s like him where the only ones who had full
    bomb suit so if this is what you want to do explorer it more.

  5. true or if you have prior fire fighter experience before entering the Air
    Force although that career in the Air Force is fairly hard to get because
    they rarely have openings that ive seen so that is why i have decided
    myself that i am going in the Oregon Air Guard as Security Forces hardly
    that many people want that job.

  6. no its not its from old Air Force commercials i know because I’ve seen them
    all and before they had rolled these infomercials late night to try to
    convince people to join the Air Force and they also use to show a lot of
    air guard commercials.

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