Top 10 Career Ruining Movies

Can careers come back from the dead? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 career ruining movies. For this list, we’ve chos…

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Career Ruining Movies

  1. i was surprised rocky horror wasnt on this list. as great as rocky horror
    is i was told that when it came out it was SUPER controversial and poorly
    received and that it put a damper on a number of careers. now of course its
    a classic movie with a ton of traditions (midnight theater showings etc)
    and praise. i dont know if what i heard was right, but thats why i was
    surprised it wasnt on the list

  2. The Love Guru was a great Mike Myers-styled film. But moreover Mike’s
    career was NOT hurt one teeny-tiny bit by this film’s poor turnout. Mike is
    so huge, money and success-wise, HE calls the shots when it comes to which
    films he’s in. You will NOT find Mike sitting in a waiting room at a
    casting call for a movie in hopes that he can get a part… Mike is a
    niche market actor, end of story. When you see him in a film doing a cameo
    it’s because some admiring producer/director (of his work) said to
    themselves, “Man, wouldn’t this be cool if we could get Mike Myers to give
    us a cameo in our film? Mike doesn’t call around “looking for work”. In
    his private life, Mike is a modest man with a HUGE-gillion dollars in the
    bank… he works when he wants too. Puuh-lease!

  3. I don’t understand the hate for Jake Lloyd as Anakin. For his age, I think
    he did a pretty good job. Sure, he wasn’t the best child ever, but his
    performance want that bad.

    I agree with him when he says how the fans of the original Star Wars ruined
    his career. Getting that passionate over a franchise and blaming a kid
    because it wasn’t what they escorted is just stupid

  4. 2:49 “We have the magic rocks, they will keep us safe.”
    Lol! Never seen that movie, but that’s hilarious. If you wanna laugh, just
    watch an M. Night film.

  5. Okay, I can agree on most… but Brendan Routh was great,and a long-running
    character, on Chuck, which was an excellent TV show. However, I can say
    that since 2011 he has not had a single decent role.

  6. I guarantee you that Superman Batman will destroy Jesse Eisenberg’s career
    and possibly even Henry Cavill’s too. Ben Afflecks career as an excellent
    director should allow him to survive though.

  7. The Love Guru was one of the funniest movies by Mike Myers. Some people are
    not entertained at all apparently. Same goes for Water World.

  8. Why did Jim Kevisel’s Career get ruined by Passion of the Christ? Was it
    because a lot of people would just associate him as Jesus rather than the
    role he plays? I can kind of understand that. It’s why I can never like
    Morgan Freeman as the bad guy in a movie, being as he played God.

    Also, I thought lady in the water ruined M. Night’s career. The last
    airbender was just another nail in the coffin. I never saw lady in the
    water or the last airbender, what ruined him for me was the happening.
    That movie was awful.

  9. Number one is so stupid. The kid is barely 5 in that movie, he didn’t have
    a career for it to be ruined. Gena Davis should have been No 1.

  10. 1) Last Airbender was as bad as fans make out. What happened what that fans
    went into live action movie expecting it to be like the cartoon. They also
    foolishly expected a entire season of 30 minute shows to be easily and
    fully packed neatly into a 2 hour film. Both of which is insanely stupid.
    Granted, the acting could have been better, but actors (especially young
    ones) have to start somewhere. Am I upset that certain cartoon elements
    didn’t translate to live action? Yes. Very. But I’m smart enough to see why
    they didn’t. If folks (mostly fans) stop watching this film with false
    hopes and lack of perfect cannon, you’ll see it’s not anywhere near as bad
    you they make out (or want) it is.

    2) Jake Lloyd didn’t ruin the Star Wars movie. George Lucas did. Same goes
    for this film as the above. This kid was also new to acting and he did a
    pretty good job. You foolish fans ruined this kid’s career with your
    heartless finger pointing. Why? All because the SCRIPT and HYPE didn’t live
    up to YOUR standards. And you all are doing the same thing to the Airbender
    kids/actors. You Star Wars fans hate Jar Jar Binxs so much that you let the
    character be the focal point of the entire movie when it’s FAR from it.

    You “fans” need to grow some common sense. You’re ruining films and careers
    with your mindless finger pointing and complaints.

    Bet you’re the same fools that praise Evil Dead 2 when it’s almost the
    EXACT SAME movie as the first!!

  11. Jack Lloyd? As the first pick? He didn’t ruin episode 1, George Lucas and
    Jar Jar ruined episode 1. Jack Lloyd wasn’t in 2 or 3, but those movies
    still didn’t live up to its potential. At least it gave us Natalie Portman.

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