The Wyatt Family “Experiment” (Singles Careers) – Thoughts

I don’t think the Wyatt Family going to a singles career has been a failure.. ❖LIVESTREAMS on Twitch! ❖Save 10-15 % With “tubby” – My Awesome Sponsors! 15%…

17 thoughts on “The Wyatt Family “Experiment” (Singles Careers) – Thoughts

  1. I think its like this. They want Reigns as the top guy right? Seth Rollins
    is the top heel in the Authority, therefore, the bury Ambrose so that he
    doesnt mean anything … Or atleast something like that is an idea of

  2. Now I’m not up to date with everything in WWE yet but, I’m pretty sure
    there was a rumor Bo Dallas was going to return and they were going to add
    him with Bray, Bo Wyatt basically.. I like the idea because they are
    brothers and Bo’s gimmick could work well with Bray with a little bit of
    tweaking but I don’t know what the reality and the goal is with that? How
    would that fit into the story of The Wyatt Family? Anyway that’s just
    something I’ve heard, probably not true.

  3. I could possibly see the roles reversed between Luke Harper and Eric Rowen.
    Maybe Eric Rowen comes back and joins the authority and is forced to do the
    authorities dirty work or stay unemployed. While he does that, WWE could
    make him a super heel/monster. Luke Harper could turn face and try to stop
    Eric Rowen because Luke think that no former Wyatt family member should be
    used as a puppet to do the Authorities dirty work.

  4. Harper is going to have the best future. He’s a far better wrestler than
    both, Bray just behind him, but I can’t stand Erick, he and his music suck.

  5. Keep Taker away from Wrestlemania he doesn’t need to preform anymore. I
    don’t want Taker to tarnish his legacy with another Lesnar like match for
    the sake of entertainment..

  6. Let’s not kid ourselves Bray does well in singles or in a group. A
    character like that doesn’t come around very often. It just works. Cena in
    a tag team would suck and so would lesner in a tag team. As for Harper and
    rowen I’m impressed! In every way it’s hard to shift from having a group to
    tag in to being alone in singles. Mentally, strategically, and even
    physically and the “former” Wyatt family members I think have done well
    making that shift 

  7. Personally I LOVE the #WyattFamily #Gimmick !
    #InMyOpinion , it was ok that they broke up. As long as the connection
    stays, I’m ok with it. I like what the #Wyatts are doin, ya the
    #WWEUncreative does book them in some bad spots, but what I like most
    about them is that they’re the characters. I think +Bray Wyatt VS +Erick
    Rowan on last week’s +Friday Night SmackDown was a great why to get
    #BrayWyatt ready for the #AmbulanceMatch with +Dean Ambrose.

    As for #Undertaker , I really wanted to see Bray defeat him & go on to have
    his own #WrestleManiaStreak , it would of been perfect cause the streak
    like stays with the gimmick of a in ring #Monster who can’t be #Hurt . But
    I think that ship has sailed & the only match I want to see #Taker in at
    #WrestleMania is the much anticipated #UndertakerVSting match

  8. What if the Wyatt family came back together and joined the Authority, then
    they fought Sting at wrestlemania in place of Triple H. Like Triple H is so
    post to fight Sting, but then he sends out the re-united Wyatts to do it
    for him. I think some thing like that would be awesome!

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