The Sims 4 Updates! Pools, Ghosts and New Careers!

I got some special info for whats coming in the next few months in The Sims 4! Ghost gameplay soon! *PS it was 2am when I recorded this, so excuse the banter and tired voice XD See the official…

25 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Updates! Pools, Ghosts and New Careers!

  1. DELI! They mention you on The Sims Websitee :O Saying ‘Our players are just
    the best. Period. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing so many
    creations from The Sims 4 shared in The Gallery, in forums and streams on
    Twitch. One of my recent faves is Deligracy’s speed build video of the “Not
    so Dusty Turf” Family Home. The details and her commentary are spectacular
    (whispers to Deligracy: I’ve also glued eyes onto cactus plants to make
    them look like people too).’ 

  2. Does anyone that makes games know if it’s possible for them to add toddlers
    at a stage like this? I mean, with the game complete, will they still able
    to add something as big as a new life stage? (and yes, I know nothing about
    game-making xD)

  3. is it like a free update? or do you have to pay for it like sims 3. Or is
    the update more like the same way, when you update your iphone? 

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