The Sims 4 Update – Business & Athlete Careers, Holiday DLC, & Move Objects On!

The Sims 4 Update for December 2014 (FREE) Business & Athletic careers with new outfits, objects, & rooms, Strictly Business Gnome, Holiday Celebration Pack, moveobjects on cheat …

9 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Update – Business & Athlete Careers, Holiday DLC, & Move Objects On!

  1. I tried to get this done as soon as I could, but I really like how it
    turned out. Even though these types of videos take hours for me to edit,
    it’s so fun to see it all come together to form an actual video. Videos
    like these (& Hair, Clothing, & Objects, store content showcases, TS4 Demo,
    tutorials, etc.) are the ones I’m most proud of, it makes all the time
    spent working on them worth it 🙂 I still have a lot to work on, & should
    probably invest in a good video editing software haha, but I’m enjoying it
    so far 😀 Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, & you’re all having a great
    day / night! <3

  2. Nicole your videos are amazing! Its clear that you put an enormous amount
    of time and effort into them and they are very informative. Nor just yoyr
    showcases or CAS videos but your Lps as well. You take the time to fully
    explore the game and explain things really well. So this is just a thank
    you for creating these awesome videos for us. You are one of my favourite
    simmers on Youtube and I’m grateful for the time you put into making
    videos. Thanks again.

  3. This update is so great, thank you for making this video – I might never
    have known about some of the features if you hadn’t gone through them here

  4. Great video as always, How are you doing Nicole? I am doing pretty good.
    Great update as usual always full of the most possible content very
    informational unlike others. :)

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