The Sims 4 Game Update — New Careers, Expansion Pack and Move Objects Cheat!!!

Move Objects cheat and new careers available in the latest game patch! Also news of a brand new game pack in the works! Super excited to utilise all of this! — My other channel https://www.youtu…

25 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Game Update — New Careers, Expansion Pack and Move Objects Cheat!!!

  1. Move Objects On! Finally! It’s like my grumblings have been answered. I put
    up the garland that came with the holiday pack and I was sorely wishing for
    it. YAY!

  2. I can’t wait to use all of this new content but when I did do the update my
    game wouldn’t even launch, it just came up with an error about not finding
    something and i’m so distraught, I can’t even find any ways of fixing this
    in the forums either!! :(

  3. WHat do you mean you can move them up and down using the key 0 to 9. i
    don’t get it. i used the 0 key and it moved it but when i press 9 it just
    changes the camera view.

  4. Del you are seriously iconic with the plants overlay! Cant wait to see more
    builds from you with the move objects cheat! Hopefully they will add family
    trees and toddlers next

  5. I don’t even own the sims 4 and I squealed when I saw this vid! soooo many
    more deli video options! Deli is life. I wish I could get the game but my
    computer is too old to run the code and it struggles just running ts3 , and
    I get error code 12 like every hour of gamelay even when I save every
    night/event… Anyways, don’t ranting hope you have an amazing day!!

  6. The whole new DLC for camping is ridiculous!!!!! They totally could’ve
    added that in a Worl Adventures EP! EA is so mercenary, I swear! Can’t
    believe that! I’m sure it’s going to cost 20 dollars or more! That’s just
    an excuse to get MORE money!

  7. It’s hard for me to believe that EA is allowing all this to be put out
    without some sort of microtransactioning, or just shoving them all into an

    Is it possible that EA is improving their business morals? Is it finally
    happening? God, I hope so.

  8. About a week ago I wanted to play the Sims 4 it told me to install the
    update yesterday l updated the 2 updates but it doesn’t want to build or
    save I could create a sim and interact with sims and go someone’s house and
    eat,drink,cook I can’t place objects help please

  9. Expansions packs! Is this the first one for sims 4? Looking forward to a
    pets expansion or maybe pets in the base game would be quite better 😛 

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