The Sims 4 – Careers, Emotions and Animations

New gameplay information for The Sims 4! So today I thought I’d continue to delve into the world of The Sims. Despite playing a lot of PS4 over the last few …

25 thoughts on “The Sims 4 – Careers, Emotions and Animations

  1. I hope if we still have the outfits thing from sims 3, will we have full
    control over our sims, like what they wear for instance? Because I want to
    walk around in underwear, but when I walk around any wear, I turn back to
    normal, and walk there. Also, if it will be full control like that, will we
    be able to walk around naked?

  2. To all complaining about the graphics, keep in mind that for
    1) Gameplay is more important than graphics
    2) It’ll run well on your PC’s if it isnt ultra realistic looking
    3) The graphics are a great mix between realism and “cartoony”.
    4) You won’t notice the cartooniness (not a word, I know), because of the
    great animations and everything.
    Let me know what you think :)

  3. it looks really good, I’m just disappointed in the graphics i kind of had
    high expectations for the graphics on this game, i mean graphic in my
    opinion is what makes the game. i know they’re suppose to look cartoon
    looking but they’re also suppose to be realistic, and the graphics don’t
    look real, but overall it looks like a good game 

  4. Does anyone know if they’re keeping the personality traits? I think it’d be
    great if their personality traits had an effect on their emotional
    responses to various situations… If the traits are cut out, then we’ll be
    back to all sims essentially being the same, but with different looks,
    which would suck.

    On a side note, I think this game comes with some improvement, but overall,
    they’ve reduced so much of the good from sims 3 that the improvements are
    outweighed by the downgrades. I’ve bought the sims 1, 2 and 3 right when
    they came out, and every single expansion and stuff pack ever made, but
    honestly, for the first time I think I might just not get this one…

    It really sort of looks stupid, like EA is just churning out another sims
    game because they know the title alone will get them a lot of sales. The
    same thing EA has done twice now with the sims city franchise, they just
    churn out crap games with popular titles for the sake of getting a lot of
    easy sales. This will work well for them in the short term, but in the
    long term it will be their fate.

  5. Kinda sad that on origin it says fall of 2014. Was looking forward to
    playing it during the summer for atleast 14 hours a day everyday almost

  6. I miss old sims. This sims looks very smooth and they act more like humans
    🙂 I hope this sims will be fun. I like it how they walk in different ways.
    In sims 3, all sim nearby looks same….. 

  7. Helll yeahhh take a look on 5:35.. when i look at the window.. i see some
    black car over the street.. it means there would be an open world i think
    hahaha.. thats freakin cool!!! if ya’ll see that car.. thumbs up!! :D

  8. i personally dont think the graphics are to bad plus its seems like ppl
    onyl care about graphics not how well it can run on pcs and even pcs which
    are nto great at gaming. plus its a video game after all so do u really
    expect the sims to look like real people lol

  9. It would be awesome if they would know how to talk…Like “Hello,whats
    up?”,”Ow nothing just watching tv,you?”,not like Susu,oadjhaudhajd

  10. i think gameplay is more important than graphic like sKiiTs8 said.. because
    graphics is nothing if the gameplay suck.. i think this graphic is not soo
    bad… its nice too

  11. great video some great infomation you told us about thanks! 😀 you sound a
    bit like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

  12. at first I was so hesitant about the graphics, but now that I think about
    it, its actually not that bad…I like it! and I’m glad that we can change
    their bodies and whatnot, I’m tired of making my sims be good looking but
    flat! especially when I make girl sims .-. and I’m actually not feeling the
    whole getting objects with promotions thing…like, you need the money too!

  13. Does any one know how much it’s going to be? And will it play on a
    touchscreen laptop idk I don’t have a PC anymore cus it died ;/

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