The Sims 3: New Careers! – Part 259

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25 thoughts on “The Sims 3: New Careers! – Part 259

  1. Hey sonny, it’s me vittoria__xp on Instagram. I don’t know if you remember
    me but I told you I was going to watch all of your sims 3 and 4 videos, and
    I did! It only took 5 years

  2. i need help… what happens if my sims 3 game is dim? like darker than
    usual but the screen isnt black?? i cant explain but its like the contrast
    is darker but my computer brightness is all the way up?? help please!!

  3. my family always put up the Christmas lights and decorations on Black
    Friday, ah yeah childhood memories. also on the morning of Christmas, did
    you get all your gifts wrapped or were they displayed out all nicely? like
    all the toys and stuff when you were a kid? cause I know that’s a thing,
    and usually with families who have money lol or so I hear from my family. 

  4. Lol everyone in the city I live in pretty much buys designer cars for their
    kids, you should see the parking lot of my old high school, you’d fall over
    seeing the cars in that lot.

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