25 thoughts on “The Hunger Games – The Careers chase Katniss

  1. I’m looking at this scene and thinking about the training center…look at
    the Careers…Marvel can throw almost as far as Katniss can shoot, Clove
    never missed, Glimmer had a bow & arrow, and, although she wasn’t very good
    at it, she could’ve at least shot, and Cato, same as Marvel has a really
    good aim and arm..now, Katniss in the tree, every Career was equipped, I
    was looking at this scene and I was like: ‘Don’t just look and laugh!! Do
    something! You guys each killed at least 2 tributes!!!!’

  2. The careers were supposed to have gotten caught in the fire which is
    important to why they don’t kill her because they are disoriented from
    breathing in smoke. Its also why they all fall asleep.

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