The Future of Banking And Finance Careers Simon Dixon presents on the future of banking and finance careers in the entrepreneurial unemployment economy ahead. Simon shares the di…

25 thoughts on “The Future of Banking And Finance Careers

    What does it take to get you to Ghana for such a presentation. This is what
    we need in current global economic challenges especially in Africa. I ask
    this becos we keep borrowing to pay debts and are always disadvantaged. How
    do we leverage our rich natural resources (Gold, Oil, Cocoa, Timber, etc)
    for economic independence. Your delivery is meaningful to current dynamics
    in the banking sector and please come down to Africa to inspire young
    leaders even if one. Can I have your contacts?

    For those who do not believe that Facebook and Google would soon take over
    from banks in getting access to finance please find out how products such
    as “JUSTBEENPAID” and how ALOE VERA products get distributed through
    connections. Thank you Simon and God bless you.

  2. thank you soo much! very good information! I just started a MBA program
    focusing on accounting but I have a passion in trading my own money. I feel
    a bit lost because my school does not teach finance but what i’m really
    afraid of is creating my own career and focusing on my weakness. I
    appreciate your help, thank you again!

  3. 57:50 why not let financial institutions pay for their incompetence and let
    them go bust instead of bailing them out? Trying to avoid a crisis that has
    already been set in motion and postponed is impossible. A
    recession/depression or postponement of such are the only options, there is
    no third option. You either face the music or wait till later – the
    mistakes have already been made. 

  4. very realistic. That’s exactly what we have to encounter in banking market
    today, it’s also my circumstance at the moment, sadly to say.

  5. I disagree regarding LinkedIn, I know so many people on LinkedIn who put on
    complete rubbish regarding their experience. I am not on LinkedIn and I get
    great job offers, I make sure that I am not searchable on the internet as I
    do not want to be found by those I want out of my life.

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