Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry

Find out what it’s like to work as part of a social media team at a fashion brand with Nicole and Jimmy, social media strategists at Nanette Lepore. Next Epi…

25 thoughts on “Social Media Careers in the Fashion Industry

  1. i follow most of my favorite fashion brands on instagram because i feel
    that’s where you get the most recent trends, and it just feels a lot more
    personal becasue it’s directly from the brand to you. i follow sophia
    amoruso from nasty gal and nicole loher from nanette lapore 😀

  2. hi, i am fashion communication student , and i really like this channel. i
    am really interested in fashion and social media marketing. i want to
    pursue something of this sort and this helped a lot in clearing my head. it
    would be great if u guys provide us with the link to nicole’s blog. thanks
    a ton and keep those videos coming , we love it.. 😀

  3. Thanks for the amazing videos on careers in fashion industry. Can you do a
    video on sales and marketing career? I’d love to watch some tips and inside
    scope of the career. Thanks!

  4. I’m an English major, but I’m leaning towards journalism. I’m minoring in
    graphic design just in case so I have something to fall back on. I would
    love to see a video about fashion journalism, like the writing side of
    magazines. I’ve seen the fashion and social media, but what about the
    writing and editing process? The topics, who comes up with it, what are
    people looking for etc.? I was told my major is a joke, but studying it in
    college gives you no resources, but journalism IS out there.

  5. @deja Fuck the English major haters. I’m an English major interested in
    journalism too. Read The Onion article titled “Print Dead at 1,803”.
    Hilarious satire!

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