Sesame Street: Sonia Sotomayor and Abby – Career

Supreme Court Justice Justice Sonia Sotomayor gives Abby career advice. For more fun games and videos for your preschooler in a safe, child-friendly environm…

25 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Sonia Sotomayor and Abby – Career

  1. Sesame Street’s own intended age range is currently designed for 2-5 year
    olds, and they are trying to change that to only 3-5 year olds, because 4
    and 5 year olds have been found not to like the show as much, and be under
    their heads . If you ask a 7 year if they watch Sesame Street, most will
    say they are too old to watch it.

  2. Not necessarily. Empowering boys is a good thing of course. It’s considered
    sexism if *only* boys are empowered while girls are encouraged to be
    princesses/home makers/baby makers. What I’m trying to say is similar to
    what you are, if you empower one, empower the other. and by empower, I mean
    encourage, nurture and make available opportunities.

  3. (2/2) And because there is so much inequality engrained in social culture
    for forever and a day (as previously mentioned 😛 ) there is much to be
    done to speak to each group individually and sometimes as a whole, to bring
    about change. This isn’t a “girls rule, boys drool” situtation. It’s a
    “hey, girls, you can do so much good with your talents, here are some
    fantastic examples.” And these examples that Sonia mentioned were once
    reserved for men. Hence, this is empowering & eye-opening for them

  4. and im sure u can find comments SPECIFICALLY praising empowerment of boys
    if u went on a video thats to do with men and men’s rights… your just on
    a different part of youtube

  5. um, hello? if you want to be president, and the majority of Americans agree
    with your platform, then you’re in. It’s simply less common for women to be
    interested in becoming president. There is absolutely nothing wrong with
    that, and there is absolutely no reason to push for more of a particular
    group of people into power. But again, that was never my point here.

  6. Hey, did you know New York’s rape conviction rate jumped from 6% to 80%
    when they trialled the cases wit prosecutors who knew what the fuck they
    were doing, rather than selecting a prosecutor from the pool for each day
    of the case? Did you know that this was a pilot program that was abandoned
    as too expensive? It would be great if men could be allowed to cry or
    whatever. But it’s not a high priority, and talking about it AS A
    COUNTERARGUMENT TO FEMINISM is fucking stupid.

  7. *Sesame Street* Shatters Little Girls’ Princess Dreams, Replaces Them With
    Better Ones

    Via +Wednesday Burns-White ‘s tumbler

  8. *Sesame Street* Shatters Little Girls’ Princess Dreams, Replaces Them With
    Better Ones

    Via +Wednesday Burns-White ‘s tumbler

  9. Be a fairy tale princess isn’t a job
    Be a real life princess is definitively a job, especially considering that
    the princess will be a queen one day. But nowadays it’s depends of the
    country that you live. 

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