Science Careers – Biotechnology

Natural Science is a title included in the four-part DVD series “Science Careers: Discover Your Future.” The Title V Retooling Science team collaborated with…

16 thoughts on “Science Careers – Biotechnology

  1. Biotechnology is still in it’s infancy. The smallest risk of danger in a
    genetically engineered seed not genetically modified from nature, may have
    the most dangerous effects on the environment even if a human can handle
    it. The bacterium or virus transfers the DNA of one species of to another
    in nature, but when forced with a chemical’s DNA code or from an unrelated
    species, then there are consequences, and not a maybe. It’s not something
    we can figure out since nature is already science.

  2. What nobody talks about it’s the crazy amount of unemployed or subemployed
    PhD. US universities mass produced PhD however there are no jobs for them.
    Science is a carrer that takes 4-5 years undergraduate studies 5-8 years of
    graduate school and 5 years post doctoral training. First you invest a
    great amount of money for undergraduate. Then you spend 10-13 years broke
    receiving a miserable salary as a graduate student and post doc. 20 years
    later, you are broke and jobless

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