Party Puppet Shows

A fabulous thirty minute performance by Peter Brizzi (some shows run longer), full-time professional puppeteer with 30 years experience! After the puppet show a puppet comes out and gives the birthday child a gift of a 10″ tall plush hand puppet.  Then, the puppet hands out finger puppets for the other children! Kodak moments abound! (Gift and finger puppets for birthday parties only)

We are available for birthday parties, corporate parties, holiday parties, company picnics, small or large! Our shows fit into small rooms, large rooms, outdoors, pizza parlors, restaurants, almost anywhere at all! Make our professional puppetry part of the memory building experience at your next party! We offer original adaptations of classic tales.

Booking a party:

Contact us directly by phone, fax, e-mail, or mail (Contact Us) for pricing and availablity.Birthday parties: We will need a credit card number to hold in lieu of a deposit to secure your date. You will receive an email confirmation which you need to reply to for validation. Commerical parties:You will be sent an invoice/confirmation and tech/info sheet by email, fax, or mail.  Return a signed copy of the confirmation a.s.a.p. to validate the contractual agreement (this can be done by fax, mail, or email). Note: It’s best to book a show BEFORE sending out your invitations. It’s also good if you are flexible with your date and times.  Most parties are at: 11:00AM, 1:00PM. 3:00PM, 5:00PM, and 7:00PM.

Insurance We carry a $1,000,000.00 liability policy. Certificates of insurance are available on request.

Payment The full price is due in full on the day of the performance.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee ($100.00 Thanksgiving thru New Years). Full performance price is due if cancelled after 72 hours of booking (if show is booked two weeks prior to performance, no grace period applies).

Do’s and Don’t’s of Parties: Here’s some tips on how to best enjoy your party puppetry experience!

Timing or, The 30 minute rule:  Plan to have the   performance at least 30 minutes after your guests are scheduled to arrive.   Most people arrive late. It’s always sad to see a child miss a performance. Food:    Either feed everyone first, have the performance, and then the cake &   gifts; or have the performance first. Always leave cake & gifts till last.   If feeding everyone first, give yourself an hour. It always takes more time   than you think to feed people. Stairs, steps, etc.:  If you   have stairs or steps leading to the performing area, I will need help carrying   equipment in and out. Payment, please!: Please have the payment for the balance ready in advance. You will be busy enough on the day of the   party! Parking spot: Please leave me a parking spot near to the   entrance to facilitate easy entry and exit. People traffic:   Please plan your “people” traffic   so that I can get in and out of your home or facility without causing   disruption to your party. Also, plan to have me set up in an area away from   other activities so that my breaking down doesn’t disrupt gift exchange/cake   cutting. Disruption: Please don’t give party favors or toys to   children before the performance. Remember that if there is anything to   distract, it will. The same applies to bounce houses. They should be off   limits during the performance. Supervision: Please have   sufficient adult supervision for your crew of children. No adults in the room   can cause havoc. Also, please help the adults to enjoy the performance   (actually, the adults usually enjoy the puppet show as much or more than the   kids!) Loud talking distracts the children. If necessary, have the performance   in an area away from the adults. Holiday shows: Always have Santa AFTER the puppet show!  The line takes longer than you think, and the kids want to play with the toy they received, NOT sit down for a show!

Technical requirements:


We bring our own puppet stage. (Click here for stageplot diagram). Our puppet stages are self-contained with their own lighting and sound systems. All we require is one outlet. (We carry portable power for park shows and areas where there is no power).


Three Little Pigs, Grasshopper and the Ant, Pirates!, The Princess Show, Just So Stories, Goldilocks and the Three Teddybears, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Night Before Chris Mouse.

Set up space: 6 ft. wide by 6 ft. deep and 7 ft. high. Room:Family room, living room, patio, deck, park, almost   anywhere! Type of show: Hand and rod puppet show. Natural lighting   or dimmed lighting if available. Type and size of puppets: Hand and rod   puppets, measuring from 18″-30″ tall. Audience size: up to   350 Set up time: 30 minutes. Strike time (break down): 15   minutes.