“Our Evolution Is Now” : Take Charge Of Your WWE Careers

I want to thank all the fans who helped construct this video by leaving your thoughts in the fan interaction video. Lots of great comments. In this video, I put it all together and discuss…

14 thoughts on ““Our Evolution Is Now” : Take Charge Of Your WWE Careers

  1. There have been many wrestlers who’ve tried to reach for the brass ring,
    but end up being punished by the higher ups, or buried on TV. Ryder for
    instance is someone who reached for the “brass ring”, only to be buried in
    the process. Everything that man did to stand out, create a brand, create
    his character was PURELY done by himself, creative didn’t give a damn about
    him they just had the poor guy job out on ECW in 2009. No matter how much
    someone in that company attempts to “reach for that brass ring”… They
    will ALWAYS have their favourites. 

  2. Dalyxman, I appreciate the plug ^_^ But the thing is… I’M A GIRL!!! LOL
    If you watch the videos on my channel, I practice aerial work (the stuff
    you see in Cirque du Soleil) lol

    Just FYI

    But thanks for the mention~

  3. evolution will happen when vince is gone, until then enjoy the bunny and
    cena vs orton matches…..and its sports entertainment damn it

  4. I call BS on Vince saying wrestlers don’t try reach for “Brass Ring” is a
    lie! When Wrestlers try reach for Brass Ring they get punished for doing
    that by being buried (examples: Zack Ryder, CM Punk, etc….)

  5. WWE made an example out of Zack Ryder to the wrestlers who try to reach for
    the so called brass ring so the odds of a so called evolution are extremely

  6. Im ready for next year 2015 with big years for roman reigns and seth
    Rollins and dean ambrose n sami zayn n Adrian Neville n rusev 2015 year the
    wwe gonna be great n best year will have a long time

  7. Would be cool if you did something like a small 15-20 min podcast with a
    lucky viewer. I have nobody to talk about wrestling here, and I like
    talking and exchanging ideas about wrestling.

    In terms of the topic at hand at what would I say to the wrestlers. Well,
    can’t say definitively what I would say but it would be to the effect of: ”
    Stop being pussies and letting this big corporate machine steal your soul
    away. You are just a body in some tights to them until you start making
    them money. And at the moment you are not making the money that you should
    be making and you aren’t putting your best foot forward. I’m not talking
    about shooting LIVE but take what is given to you, make YOU YOURSELF bullet
    points from it and make it your own. This has to stop. Wrestling has
    devolved into little little shell of its former self and you are in charge
    of make it fresh and new again. Last time the WWE was REALLY relevant
    mainstream-wise was when CM Punk was at his best. What does that tell you?
    When the guy who did everything management didnt want him to do was the guy
    who was succesful enough to say enougn is enough?

  8. Shows how hypocritical WWE is. If you guys are supposed to be fun and
    express yourself, then why are people like Cesaro getting punished for a
    bullshit reason? It’s like be free and express yourself, but if you do,
    you’ll get fired. WWE wants people to buy the Network so bad but they wont
    improve their show quality, what sense does that make? Why would I pay for
    a company that gives me bunnies and cable guys? I bet if WWE put in as much
    effort into their shows as they do with the Network plugs, they’d be a
    whole lot better

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