(NEW GAMEPLAY MODE) Madden NFL 15 The Gauntlet – Connected Careers w/ Madden 15 Roster e3 NBA 2k15)

Click here for full Road To The Super Bowl 5 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbVvswwaCvujH6o6DhejH1FwGeOZyBy4x Road To The Super Bowl 5 – Week 7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Duke…

25 thoughts on “(NEW GAMEPLAY MODE) Madden NFL 15 The Gauntlet – Connected Careers w/ Madden 15 Roster e3 NBA 2k15)

  1. Dukethakilla Jamaal Charles was the best RB last season and he was
    “alright” that makes no sense.Also on the chiefs first drive he was killing
    u with runs and started passing and losses 7 yards and kicked a fg.Don’t
    understand people sometimes.

  2. The Chiefs player is due sometimes,he is killing running the ball and has
    tebow at QB and he throws it some reason.also he did man defense most of
    the came so its easy to pick a guy apart who does the same defense the

  3. Yeah Charles wasn’t the best RB in the game last season, McCoy and Peterson
    are the two best, he’s in the top 5 though. I would say Duke, try using
    another teams playbooks because your opponents are scouting your plays
    knowing the screen and other plays are coming. Change it up and confuse
    them it should work.. In other news why was that dummy using Tebow, when
    Alex Smith is better QB lol.

  4. Dukie! You need more of fair players like this. This dude had really well
    moves with the right stick, he played a variety of plays (not just one,)
    and overall you both seemed to of had fun. He was laughing you was
    laughing. Really entertaining

  5. Playcalling at the end of the game was horrendous. You could have won that
    game if you methodically drove down the field rather than trying to escape
    any time you sensed pressure. Let your plays develop throw to the open man
    and the check down rather than the deep ball. Play smart son and you will
    have your super bowl. Dont forget to balance out your attack with a mix of
    run and pass plays

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