Monty Python – Careers Advisory Board

from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 05 – Man’s Crisis Of Identity Recorded 03-10-69, Aired 16-11-69 I’m slowly uploading the entire Flying C…

25 thoughts on “Monty Python – Careers Advisory Board

  1. “Well, that was all in good fun, and we all had a jolly good laugh.” I love
    the bit @ :38. Convincingly sobbing and then *bing!* Done and puts the
    hanky away.

  2. because obviously, that’s more funny than one, and people falling out of
    windows is just a generally funny thing anyway. It’s so unexpected you
    know. you never expect unsuccessful businessmen to commit suicide. the
    burglar bit was a tad funny just because it’s so unexpected, but that only
    goes so far. So, would someone kindly explain to me what is so funny about
    this? I find most british humor worth a chuckle at best, and would
    respectfully request that someone explain what I am missing

  3. Its simply just a different style of humor. personally i find most british
    humor hilarious. i’ll admit that this sketch was a little lacking, but most
    of it i would consider pure comic genius. Its just a difference in taste.

  4. Well the ideas are very clever, and the absurd way they’re portrayed. I
    sometimes find the flow of the episodes funnier that just the content on
    its own; maybe you should watch a couple of full episodes?

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