Madden 25 PS4 – Mobile QB – Connected Careers EP1

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19 thoughts on “Madden 25 PS4 – Mobile QB – Connected Careers EP1

  1. im a big fan of your videos but please no more madden 09 videos.. even
    with the “next gen” power EA still has no idea on how to change the game
    for the better.. you hit the nail on the head with nba 2k14 looks
    better..100 times better.. I glad EA doesn’t make MLB games.. they would
    just remake bases loaded 2 with updated rosters.. I was a big fan of madden
    once before but now its just trash now..

  2. How to run 40 plus yards as a QB you call a screen and you run to the
    Offensive tackles and cut the corner this usual works about 7/10 times but
    only do it once a game 

  3. To me the graphics are better than last gen but, I just wish that they
    could fix the commentary because if you watch a real game the commentators
    are almost always talking to each other.

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