Madden 15 Official Conneceted Careers Trailer! – Probowl!

Madden 15 – Madden 15 Connected Careers Official Madden 15 Trailer just released. No Madden 15 Ultimate Team this video, but let me know what you think about Connected Careers. I think I might…

25 thoughts on “Madden 15 Official Conneceted Careers Trailer! – Probowl!

  1. What I wanna know is will there be Fantasy Draft? Not buying it if there
    isn’t. So dumb in Madden 13 how there wasn’t one. Also, why did Burg put
    Pro Bowl in the title? Shit has nothing to do with the video

  2. I hope they make it to where you play in the senior bowl & get drafted
    instead of picking your team. I hope they make it like road to glory on
    NCAA bc that is like the best mode ever 

  3. So is are they bringing back the ProBowl mode? Is so hell ya! And I like
    the practice mode a lot better!

  4. Does anybody have some players that they don’t want I just started
    yesterday need a little help…..I’m not to good at getting coins HMU Vi
    mason iv xbox

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