Madden 15 Connected Careers Gameplay – Drew Payne SPECTACULAR Return TD in NFL Debut!

Madden 15 Online Gameplay! Drew Payne can’t seem to find any playing time, but when the real season started he made sure everyone knew who he was… Subscribe for more Madden 15 Online Ranked…

25 thoughts on “Madden 15 Connected Careers Gameplay – Drew Payne SPECTACULAR Return TD in NFL Debut!

  1. You gotta wait for an injury. Then you make your mark as a backup, then you
    take over the starting job

    Or wait till they run the ball a lot(with the patriots, that’ll never
    happen) to the point where both runningbacks in front get tired, and your
    in for a play or 2 then you shine.
    I don’t know what else to tell you

  2. I’ve never done the undrafted low string runnin back career, but my advice
    is to save ALL of your exp from year 1, practice every week they give you
    big time exp, year one will be nothing, a bust, forget about it, but if you
    invest your exp you’ll be a starter by year 2 or 3, but that’s just my
    opinion, again I’ve never tried this, maybe I will one day tho, seems fun 

  3. THANK YOU so much for not being like Cullenburger’s retarded ass and making
    each preseason game it’s own video. This is how you show a preseason recap,
    if you’re gonna show it at all. Good work Cookie, can’t wait for more

  4. Hey man. Love the content. What I did was I upgraded my awareness and my
    consistency and did the in game drills for the game prep and that gets me a
    lot of xp. I saved up my xp so I could upgrade my traits like fight for
    more yardage and that got me up to 77. I was in your position too for the
    3rd string halfback but when mid season for my first year came around, I
    started doing run plays if my team was up a lot in the 2nd half. Now in my
    2nd season, I’m a starter. It does take a while but that’s what I did

  5. It all depends, last time I played connected careers was 13 and I was just
    the kick/punt returner for 3 seasons, then I turned auto starter on. Broke
    every single season rushing record there was, turned it off next season and
    was back on the bench….

  6. Increase your awareness and ball carrier vision and your overall rating
    will increase the most. It’s pretty tough to emerge as a starter out of
    nowhere without good ratings in general though. Like here’s my example
    story: I had an undrafted QB and I was like a 70 overall and wanted to just
    get playing time in the game to increase my rating. Well when Drew Brees
    went down the backup stepped in and I was still on the bench. So the first
    season went by and I was like okay I need to do some practices and get my
    rating up. Ended the season as like a 77. So the Saints traded Brees to the
    Bengals (lol) and I was like alright I might have a chance to start.. and
    Peyton Manning signs with the Saints lol. But I was Manning’s back up and I
    was like alright this is good because he’ll probably get hurt and I’ll get
    to play (which he did, played 4 games won 3) and I finished the season as
    an 80 overall. Manning retired after winning the Super Bowl (he won one
    with the Broncs and one with the Saints lol) I was like okay, I’m finally
    going to be the Saints starter.. and the final day of FA they sign Chad
    Henne, who was starting before me -_- so I caved and did some more
    practices and got my overall up to start but the struggle is real. Really
    real lol

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