IT (Information Technology) Career Path Guideline

Based on my experience in IT, I’d like to give a guideline on which career paths you may choose. I made this presentation as the part of my IT series cause I…

25 thoughts on “IT (Information Technology) Career Path Guideline

  1. Hi I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information
    Technology next semester. I did well in Network Security, Communication
    Technology, Management Information Systems and Visual Basic. My weakness
    was in SQL, I didn’t do well in Database Administration (SQL). Based on the
    information I provided, what career path would you recommend I pursue in
    I.T.? Thnx.

  2. can a high functioning person with Autism, who doesn’t possess
    people skills but has excellent problem solving skills, get into the I.T.

  3. Hi Im a kid and im interested to be a IT or Electrical engineer, like i
    said I am a kid 12 yr old so I do got time to think.But I just want i
    little bit of info on what ITs program.

  4. Excellent hob in describing how to choose a career path. It is very
    important to make the right decision for your personality because the
    amount of knowledge to change from one path to another is substantial.

  5. hy i am now science student of class 12 and i am intrested in hacking,
    programing, making software, making games. so which career is best for me.
    i enjoy spending time with using computer . so please reply.

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