9 thoughts on “Hunger Games -The Careers

  1. The careers got sway…Cato was big and brutal…Clove was sly and knew how
    to throw her knives…Marvel was a meathead who was good at feeding on
    ditraction…Glimmer was a halfassed Katniss with the bow…oh come the
    hell on its team cato…

  2. I just don’t understand how anyone could ever EVER even consider Glato over
    Clato. It just doesn’t make sense, and btw Glimmer died first, she can’t
    shoot straight, Cato never cared about her. She’s weak and blonde and
    stupid, and I NEVER liked her.

  3. I hate when there is a very good video about the careers,and someone write
    a comment,like,that isn’t Glato,that’s Clato,or i don’t know,but if someone
    wants to write a comment like that,look a Clato,Clarvel,Glarvel,Glato
    video,and write there.But that video is all about the careers.This isn’t
    about Clato,Glato,Clarvel,Glarvel.I like Clarvel,but if i want to write a
    comment about Clarvel,i’ll looking for a Clarvel video,and i write there.

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