How Cops Destroy Careers If They’re Held Accountable

The day after a New Mexico prosecutor charged two police officers in the shooting death of a mentally ill homeless man last year, Albuquerque officials refused to allow representatives from…

25 thoughts on “How Cops Destroy Careers If They’re Held Accountable

  1. My fellow libtards.

    Let’s demonize the police again simply for doing their job. Then let’s cry
    out RACIST each time we see a thug get beaten up or killed because we
    should make everything race related.

    -Senk Oogur, mayor of Libtardville

  2. Based on the D.A.’s reasoning, no assistant DA should ever take more than
    one criminal case, since having taken a criminal case already, they’ll have
    a conflict of interest because criminals will be involved in the next one.

  3. These corrupt pieces of shit think that they’re above the law, just because
    they enforce the law. I suppose we should expect this when only low IQ
    people are allowed to be cops.

  4. “Civil Servants” should be printed on police uniforms to remind them that
    they are in fact civil servants. This would have a significant positive

  5. Hold up for a sec. They shot him with live rounds, then bean bags, then
    tazed him and sent the dog to bite his dead body. That’s murder in every
    case. The DA charged them rightfully and that’s TYT’s fault. Give your
    example of them demonizing the cops who did this. They stated facts not
    opinion like some of you do. The DA feels the same way everyone else
    should. The fact that TYT supports the decision is their why of demonizing?
    Define the word please. Let me guess, the homeless man was in the wrong for
    finding a place to sleep right? Using key words like demonize to distort
    the truth only works on FOX News viewers. We the TYT viewers are smarter
    than that. Troll elsewhere please 


  7. So obviously I come here for the content and for your guy’s opinion on
    events and things like that and I’m not some sort of creep but I just
    wanted to say (in case you read this) but you, Ana, are absolutely drop
    dead gorgeous and attractive, and have a wonderful sense of humor and view
    on all of the different subject matter you guys cover. 

  8. You failed to mention one of those police shootings this year in
    Albuquerque was a cop shooting another cop. The defense they are using with
    this case is that he had used those box cutters to slash people before, but
    it was also heard that the police had plans to shoot him before they even
    arrived. I don’t want to move to Albuquerque because of all of the things
    that happen there involving police. They had a shooting yesterday with only
    one camera capturing it because the other cop “failed” to turn on his

  9. Tyt is trying to make us hate America, even though we’re the best country
    in the world and if you disagree you’ve been brainwashed.. There is

  10. As a Albuquerque native, I am ashamed and disgusted at our police
    department. They deserve absolutely no respect until it is earned, and
    they have earned none, while depleting any reserves they may have once had.
    The hiring practices are a joke. They attract yoked up meatheads with
    inferiority complexes, desperate to take out their revenge on the
    community. They really need to clean house, and put these murderers in
    jail. They treated the simple task of moving an unarmed homeless man off
    of public land, like a military operation in Afghanistan (watch the video
    if you haven’t, its shocking, and you wouldn’t be off thinking it took
    place in Iraq or Afghanistan). Its disgusting, and pathetic. These
    asshole jock cops must have the tinniest penises in the world if they
    needed 4 officers with assault rifles and a k9 unit to move 1 harmless
    unarmed homeless person who was just trying to camp in the desert foothills
    of the Sandia Mountains on public land. It doesn’t matter whether thats
    legal or not, the response was not warranted. Live and let live. He
    wasn’t bothering anyone. These cops went out of their way to find a reason
    to murder someone and get away with it. 

  11. I find it funny when conservative say “you libtards wanted big government,
    herpa Derp”

    No, no, see… That’s not we wanted, we wanted smarter government. One that
    does not allow corporations to pay their CEOs 500 times more than the
    average employ. One that stops corporations from bribing our politicians,
    one that provides basic needs to those who are old, mentally challenged,
    military vets, one that makes smart choices on police, military, medicine.
    That’s the kind of stuff we wanted.

  12. It’s easy to throw out charges – barring them from the briefing and keeping
    them out on the ground floor of the case is a clear conflict of interest on
    the part of the police – you can throw out charges later, you can’t repeat
    the briefings and processes that they’re trying to hide.

    Whoever made the decision to bar them should be charged with accessory to
    murder, based on their intent and regardless of if the shooters are

  13. Too many cops want the power and the money associated with the job, but
    seem to not want the responsibility of actually representing the law, nor
    of accountability for breaking it. Obstructionism on the part of
    authorities, contra this DA office, should IMMEDIATELY draw attention from
    the feds.

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