GGTV: Our Careers!!!

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25 thoughts on “GGTV: Our Careers!!!

  1. I’m graduating in May with my Bachelors in Accounting and one of my main
    concerns was my hair since I know sometimes my field can be somewhat
    conservative. It’s very inspiring to see another beautiful black woman
    working in a similar field while still rocking her natural!

  2. Hello ladies thanks for sharing I just really enjoy your channel. You guys
    have great careers and I’m so proud to see our young men and women with
    such successful careers. As for my career I’m working for Housing Urban
    Development in public housing as the housing supervisor o at a housing
    authority in Louisiana. I’m also a wife and mother of four grown
    children my baby girl 31 a register nurse, my oldest age 24 son accountant,
    auditor/cpa, and my oldest daughter 33 with a ba in psycholgy work for
    Childrens hospital in Dallas. My baby who started out in college is still
    deciding on what career path he wants to take. Everyday I’m grateful and
    thankful for the career path God has taken my family and I. Thanks again
    for sharing your careers with us. Mattie 

  3. You two are just so lovely and the hair looks fabulous. Great career
    choices as well. I’m currently pursuing A.A.S for Human Services and I’m
    almost done. I want to eventually obtain my Masters, God willing.

  4. Had no idea you were a nurse! I’m a travel nurse and I’m in NP school. As
    you said, life as a nurse can be crazy but so rewarding. Awesome video
    ladies. Its great seeing ambitious black women doing well for themselves.

  5. Hey you guys! I’m currently a CNA aspiring to be a registered nurse like
    Amber. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field also and i plan on
    going back to school, next year. I’m a single mom of 2 boys (13 &10), which
    poses some difficulty. But i have a vision for our lives, that i will
    (hopefully) bring into existence. 

  6. I’m a 911 police dispatcher. I like it, but always wanted to be a nurse. I
    Did all my prerequisites for nursing then decided i hate throw up and other
    bodily fluids so now im 37yo and stuck. Your careers sound so awesome! !

  7. I am a patient care technician in Women’s Services (mainly Mother/Baby
    patients). I have been doing that for almost ten years and have debated for
    the longest on going back to school and got comfortable. I will be going
    back to school in January for nursing! Thinking about specializing
    in community health or something else along that path. I do want to help
    people make better lifestyle choices and taking care of their bodies. Thank
    you ladies so much for this vid! I just love you two and your sweet and
    warm personalities!

  8. Love your channel! You ladies are such awesome role models and have
    positive spirits! Currently I’m an advertising gal, I buy media for
    broadcast tv and cable. 

  9. Well I’m 18, I just finished my first semester in college. I’m majoring in
    nursing!! I love you girls. It’s so amazing seeing you working jobs that
    you love & being successful. It makes me push myself even more!! Love you

  10. I keep hearing great things about Houston. The job market in Atlanta isn’t
    that great. I have a MBA and a Paralegal Certificate and it is still a
    struggle. I currently work p/t as a Paralegal for a Personal Injury
    Attorney. I also spend the rest of my time working with clients through my
    Marketing Consulting business I understand that
    having natural hair is a challenge once you are already in the corporate
    arena but do you think having natural hair prevents you from getting in the
    door during the interview process? 

  11. Hi ladies! I am in Grad school right now as a MBA candidate. I was thinking
    about changing my concentration to finance because I am finding that I
    actually like numbers more than I thought. I graduated with my bachelors
    last year and I am having a hard time finding work that relates to my
    business marketing degree. Do you have any tips to getting in a career
    field that pertains to your skills? Congrats to both you ladies! 

  12. To the Nurse: Do you wear your beautiful hair down at work?
    Business Lady: Do you get tired of wearing heels daily?

    Both of you are exceptionally pretty.

  13. I am the Chief Power Specialist at Power Publicity. My PR firm represents
    entertainment, nonprofit, and lifestyle brands. I’ve been in business for
    almost two years. It has not been an easy journey and somedays I want to
    give up but it’s worth it. 

  14. Ive majored in Communication Studies and currently work in the crazy world
    of advertising. I’m a writing freak and so advertising to me was a great
    outlet… I get to write ads as a copywriter (Copy is what the
    written/spoken part of ads is called) & the creative outlets and
    possibilities are endless. It’s hectic but great so far. I want to
    eventually work for myself though, in some way.

  15. Thanks for sharing your careers with us! I am an English major. Currently,
    I am perusing a career as a technical writer and English teacher. I have
    high hopes to go far. 

  16. Nice careers ! Your family must be so proud. I initially wanted to be a
    surgeon but I end up being an IT consultant lol. Though I m not really
    planning on going back to the medical field, I really wish I could help
    more people in a corporate environment.

  17. Ain’t it nice!!! I’m in nursing school now I graduate dec. 2015. I’m not
    about that 5 days a week schedule or working in the day time. I work when I
    want how many hours I want as a cna at the hospital and when I become a
    nurse it will be the same way! The rest of the time I’m in school blogging
    vlogging and working on opening a online store coming Jan 2015. I’m like
    you Amber I get bored very easily. I have to use my creative and smart side

  18. I’m also a Registered Nurse, with a Masters degree. I currently work from
    home as an NICU/OB utilization review nurse. I absolutely love what I do,
    and as you mentioned nursing is ever evolving! Your videos are very
    informative, and the styles you two rock are awesome. I recently started
    doing videos, in addition to working full time, & being a Mom. Keep
    pursuing your dreams! 

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