Explore Careers in Welding – Jay Leno’s Garage

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25 thoughts on “Explore Careers in Welding – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. There is a *HUGE* misconception about “welders needed” There are thousands
    of out of jobless welders out there because places only want to hire people
    with “2 years experience” Well It’s hard to get 2 years experience when you
    can’t get a job without 2 years experience. They don’t mean 2 years as in
    school experience either they mean on the job experience. You could go to
    school for 8 years for welding and still not have a job. It’s ridiculous.
    The AWS posted an older 2 minute clip of Jay promoting welding yesterday on
    facebook. I was wondering why. 

  2. The audio seemed a little on the low side, I could barely make out what was
    all said. I plan to enroll at Santa Ana College in their welding program
    for the Spring semester. I’ll be sure to check out that website for more
    details about that scholarship. Thanks for the video. 

  3. I’ve been welding about 14 years now, unfortunately I can’t get a job doing
    it thanks to having scoliosis and Kyphosis of the spine, it makes me a
    liability as far as the insurance is concerned. 

  4. Welding isn’t a prestigious job like working in an office programming
    software. It’s like which would you rather tell a girl on a first date: I’m
    a welder or I’m a software engineer..

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