11 thoughts on “Exercise & Sports Science Careers

  1. im pretty sure im going to do excersise and sport science next year at uni,
    does anybody know which uni/campus is the best to study at?

  2. Hi peoples! I’m from South Africa.. Busy with my Masters degree in Sport
    Science (on field hockey) and working part time at our Research Department
    as well as our Sport Science Institute – and loving it!!*

  3. Think I should move to Australia 😉 There’s sooo much more work
    opportunities there. We only have the facilities in certain areas of the

  4. Hi. I study at Deakin at the moment and also did a year at Vic Uni. Vic Uni
    has the best facilities but Deakins course delivery was way better (in my
    opinion). It doesnt really matter where you go though. for me, i live
    around the corner from deakin so its more convenient, but it really doesnt
    matter. You will learn the same stuff everywhere. As well as VU and Deakin,
    ACU and RMIT deliver sports science courses

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