Cubicles & Careers Episode 3: Cleric

In Episode 3 we see how the Cleric reacts to having to use her last sick day. How long will she be placed on hold? FantasyCon coming to Utah July 3-5! Get yo…

6 thoughts on “Cubicles & Careers Episode 3: Cleric

  1. It’s funny and well done!

    Sadly it’s the (only) woman who gets the ‘quest’ of looking after the sick
    children. Clearly, that’s always the mother’s job! /sarcasm

  2. *No such world should ever exist!*

    Oh, dear Orc, I agree!

    Very cute series of videos to promote FantasyCon (July 3-5 in Salt Lake

    In *Cubicles & Careers* fantasy characters must deal with horrible perils
    like incompetent bosses, challenges like getting to work on time despite
    hitting every red light, and the *DREADED HMO*

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