Chris Rock on Careers, Jobs and Money

Chris Rock talks about the differences of a job and a career, man this video really hits close to home. My job is as salesman, my career is as a writer. ====…

25 thoughts on “Chris Rock on Careers, Jobs and Money

  1. too close to home and brutal and thanks for posting coz by laughing at it,
    the rawness goes, rawness of my job in a factory back in the day before
    de-industrialization and my nyu arts degree ‘career’ of bla bla bla film
    bla bla.

  2. There is nothing worse than a half hour lunch break. Oh, especially when
    the employer just can’t schedule 2 days off in row, and feels free to
    change the schedule at whim….and the staff is somehow supposed to be
    psychic enough to know this on their day off. So I’m in the bathroom,
    sitting on the toilet with my pants on, taking a f’n coffee break! Only
    f’n way to get one! I feel better now, thanks!

  3. Wow sitting on the toilet thinking about life and coming to the realization
    of how much you hate your job wow I thought it was just me.

  4. a career is something you want to do regardless of educations

    a job is something you HAVE to do for money i hate my job and am i the
    only one that has noticed that more and more people are getting jobs and
    fewer are gaining careers that they love

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