Changing Careers To Become a Nurse???

Are You Ready to Change Careers and become a Nurse??? Would changing careers to Nursing benefit you or break you? Heres a great discussion for my Future Nurs…

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  2. Nurse bros HI. I’m a third year nursing student. I have a ICU rotation
    coming up. Do you have any tips on how to prep/be success in the ICU?!

  3. OMG! I have a request!!! So I’m in my first semester of Nursing school and
    we were talking about MEDICAL ERRORS, such as wrong IV, medicine dosage,
    etc! Would love for you to make a video with advice for Nursing students,
    and recent grads! Greetings from Chicago and Chamberlain College of Nursing

  4. Exactly!! So frustrating to hear people going to nursing for the money.
    I’ve wanted to be nurse since I was a kid. Getting ready to start school in
    July!!!im freaking out and nervous, but I’m allllll in!

  5. Good advice brother, but i dont think nursing has to be something you have
    wanted to do since one was a kid. I was a Marine for 8 years and then
    became an EMT, now I just finished 1st semester of an ADN program. The
    passion for healthcare will grow for the right person. It grew on me for
    sure. I wanted to be a cop now im gonna be a nurse. Shoi!

  6. Nursing isn’t something I really thought of doing since I was a kid. I only
    thought of it after my mother had her stroke and I had the drive to help
    others. I am finally enrolled in a CNA program after 3 years of thinking of
    nursing. Great video!

  7. Hi Nurse Mendoza!! I have always watched your videos, since I myself was a
    Nursing major but after a while of taking classes I quickly learned it
    wasn’t my cup of tea. I completely agree with you, money should not be the
    motivator. If you don’t love what you do then you will get burnt out fast.
    I am no longer a nursing major, but I still love hearing about medical
    stuff. You are a great Nurse and very inspirational!

  8. Hi nurse Mendoza! You are amazing, I love watching your videos. I just got
    accepted into a fast-track RN program (on Friday), so needless to say I am
    so excited, I can barely contain it =) I’ve been a CMA for almost 5 years,
    so I know that this is what I really want to do. I work with RN’s and
    always want to do more pt care like they do, but as an MA you’re so
    limited. Anyways, thanks for all your great videos, I’ll keep watching them
    through the next 18 months ahead to keep my insanity.

  9. thank you for this video, after much thought I think I finally found my
    path, sadly, it is not nursing. But you are a great nurse. Keep up the good
    work, keep inspiring others to do well and keep on keepin’ on. You are
    doing a great job with your channels. Great place for people who are
    nurses, want to become a nurse or whom are going through the program. You
    are a real inspiration to all. I wish you well my friend. Although it was
    great meeting you, I hope I never have to be in that place again

  10. I was a Union Carpenter for 20 years and I have completed my first semester
    in a ABSN program. With it being accelerated, I’m in my books for 12 hours
    a day and love it. I want to help kids who are sick, but I also want to
    make great money. You can be doing it for both reasons and still succeed,
    you just have to be driven, and a people person. Thanks for all your
    videos, I’ve been watching you for a long time. Keep it up.

  11. Ivvone … check your orders, check the MAR, DOB, the meds, the
    time/route/frequency… you know all the good stuff. Be ORGANIZED…. check
    check… recheck… There was a case of an RN who administered an overdose
    of vanc to a pt and caused right sided hearing loss. the order read 90mg of
    Vanc the pharmacy gave the nurse 0.9grams … do the math… see what that
    comes out to.

  12. I’ve been an RN for 20 years this December. To tell you the truth, I hate
    it. When you’ve done it as long as I have, you won’t be so enthusiastic as
    you are in your videos.

  13. Just because YOU hate, it doesn’t mean HE does. He may actually love his
    job and went for what HE wanted to do unlike you. I hate nurses who take
    care of me who have shitty ass attitudes like yours. I don’t want a
    bitch/dick taking care of me because they hate their jobs. No one wants
    rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, egotistical jackasses like you.
    Honestly, go troll some place else where someone will accept your shitty

  14. He can always stay in the correction setting in the medical department. I
    am a current correctional officer myself that is wanting to become a nurse
    going next week to check out school’s….Also Nurse Mendoza how to overcome
    juggling a full time job and being a full time student?? A message would
    help me or even a video for people with the same question?

  15. I was dong electrical work for 2 years since i was 18 1/2. i just recently
    quit that job even though i had 2 years in school for it as well. I
    realized i have the heart and compassion for other people, i got hired on
    to an assisted living facility and all my residents love me. Its not just a
    job for me its actually my second home and second family. I am now going
    back to school to become a CNA but just as a stepping stone into something
    greater to become an RN! Love this channel by the way! Thumbs up!

  16. Great video man . Looking into going to school for Nursing very soon . I
    was in the military ( U.S. Army ) previously . Welcome to follow me on
    Twitter at @ARMY_STRONG_06 . 

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