Careers: The Real World of Accounting

Undecided about your career? FInd all you need to know about the accounting field to see if this is a career that suits you or, if you should keep away from it.

25 thoughts on “Careers: The Real World of Accounting

  1. You are going to learn the same information no matter which school you go
    to. What matter is the network. Some schools provide you with better
    network and some don’t. Go to a school where a lot of CEO, CFO, and
    partners went. 

  2. This video makes it seem as if accountants have very few to no advantages
    in terms of potentially retiring early. This is not true, accounting is a
    job that tends to be easier in terms of maintaining and growing your MSI’s,
    which arguably are your most practical way to achieve early retirement. 

  3. how much leisure time do accountants have? thats my big question. yeah you
    get pay alot but if you have to work a lot at home too when your off work.
    theres really no life if all you do is work. 

  4. I liked watching this video… I have actually been thinking about
    switching to Accounting recently from my Mechanical Engineering major
    solely because I realized that physics and chemistry, which are major
    components of the major, I just do not like much or understand, or ever
    want to understand to be honest…. This video basically pushed me more
    towards accounting as I have been thinking of (FYI: accounting was always
    the OTHER major I was interested in).

  5. Accounting is such a dull and tedious field. Though it is important,
    mulling over a companies accounts is for those who are okay with serving
    the financial world without working in it or utilizing their work.
    Accountants merely do the paper work so that the actually exciting
    professions can do their job: investment banking, venture capital, private
    equity. If you think, ‘okay well the work may be boring, but the atmosphere
    is exciting.’ Well let me tell you, the three industries above contain the
    exciting professional aspect as well as the exciting and dynamic work, and
    finally the pay. Why not have the best of all worlds and admit to yourself
    that that actual task of accounting is fucking boring.

  6. Cool video. I was mostly worried about not being smart enough but I think I
    will like accounting. I enjoy working with maths and excel.

  7. I’m graduating from Accounting soon with a Bcom. I like Accounting, it’s
    useful and informative in the real world. It’s a prestigious job and
    respected career. You have lots of mobility from working in Industry,
    Government, Media, CIA, FBI, NASA, and even the Army. The world revolves
    around a Bargain system whether it’s capitalism, socialism, or communism
    and Accountants are needed to keep the flow of capital alive in any
    economic system. It’s the most important, stable, and highest paying job in

  8. The only thing that pisses me off working in these corporate jobs is
    sitting in a goddamn motherfucking cubicle face to face with your peice of
    shit co-worker. Don’t even say “good morning” or “hello” to me just fuck
    off. I hope when i graduate from accounting i won’t have to go through this

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