Careers Planning : How to Choose a Career for Your Personality

In order to choose a career that fits with a specific personality, an individual must have an understanding of herself, and this can be achieved by utilizing…

25 thoughts on “Careers Planning : How to Choose a Career for Your Personality

  1. Truck driver..are you serious? What does this lady do for a damn living to
    think thats something anyone , disregarding personality, would do for a

  2. Man I am 27 years old and still have no idea what I would like to do. I am
    so jealus of people who have certian obsesions and loves towords certian
    paths. I am unemployed, no money, no ideas where should I go or what to do
    and nobody listens to what I have to say.

  3. im 22 next month and have done nothing sincesince graduating highshcool, I
    have no idea what is a good job for me, im worried that i’m going to blink
    and be 26 or 27 and still have accomplished nothing

  4. Ponder this: Find a personality that you aspire to be and this might help
    you discover if you’re an intro or extrovert. Moods change, take a career
    and personality test, take it again next week and compare your results; are
    they the same? Home in on what you’re really looking for. Dont mistake
    shyness for introvert, you might just need experience to give you the
    confidence to lead. Dont mark it as impossible. If you really want to fly
    planes, research it. Might be easier than you thought.

  5. all the videos and programms on choosing profession tells us only about to
    choose one on witch your heart lies on… that’s all…. and nothing
    more… the rest we need to do ourselves

  6. i feel the same except for suicide i still can’t figure out what I
    want…and its been 4 years already…I thought i’d love graphic design bc
    i am into art but i hated it since it takes too much of my time, stressful.
    you are not alone.

  7. I’ve been in college for 4 years now and is still undecided…checked off
    nursing, graphic design, computer/marketing, business….i love art but im
    not as talented when in a group of other artists who are waaaaaaaaay more
    creative and better than me besides how will i make it being an artist? I
    have an office job which is ok but its strict with low pay….omg i just
    wish i was done with school already problem is i can’t figure a major that
    i would love and still pay me good…

  8. do you like helping people? fashion? pets? art? Any hobbies or interests
    that you enjoy try to find a job that connects to that. Maybe with the
    diplomas and experience you have you could connect that to another job
    that’s not as boring. If you can’t change the job your at now at all maybe
    you should make your workplace more exciting, socialize with other workers,
    decorate your office space exc. sorry you probably don’t want advice from a
    17 year old but hope everything goes well for you

  9. So extrovert career opportunities: Politician, clerk, retailer, etc.
    Introvert career opportunities: Truck driver……. oh, and did I say truck

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