Careers in the Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force is a leading employer in the UK. Our personnel carry out a number of different roles across a range of varied trades. From careers in Tec…

5 thoughts on “Careers in the Royal Air Force

  1. I love aircraft and would love a job just generally working around
    aircraft, or on aircraft as part of the crew. I would love a job that
    involves flying (but not as a pilot), or working closely with aircraft. I
    realise I could do this as a civilian, but the RAF just appeals to me, as
    well as the varied range of aircraft they have. What sort of job should I
    go for? The other thing that appeals to me is the RAF Police, as police
    work appeals to me as well. Do the RAF Police work around aircraft a lot?
    Also, I was thinking of joining the RAF as a reservist, do they still have
    the same range of jobs as the regulars do?

    Also, another question: I have mental health problems currently, with
    depression. I’m assuming the RAF wouldn’t accept me if I have a history of
    depression and anxiety issues. Also, I was in the Army, I did 9 weeks basic
    training before discharging myself because I didn’t feel ready. Will that
    affect my chances of getting into the RAF? They might think I’m a quitter. 

  2. Hello. I am 15. I am really interested in working in the RAF when I’m
    older, but I would also really like to start my own business when I’m older
    as well so would it be possible for someone like me to join the regulars
    for 5-10 years than join the reserves in the same job?

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