13 thoughts on “Careers in the Geosciences

  1. Please make sure that you understand that a career in the geosciences
    practically requires a graduate degree. A BS is not sufficient for most
    jobs except for entry level environmental consulting mudlogging. It is
    always made rosy that you will be out climbing mountains, spelunking, and
    enjoying the outdoors. Field work usually doesn’t make up a significant
    portion of your work, but of course it does have its benefits. But still
    keep in mind that you must have a masters degree, minimum.

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  3. I don’t completely agree with your statement. Based on my experience and
    what I’ve seen overseas, your argument is (most likely) valid for
    non-thesis BS such as in the US or Europe. But in Asia, where most of
    Geoscience BS require a thesis writing as part of their support of
    candidature for an academic degree, students still can get a decent job
    with their BS.

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