13 thoughts on “Careers in Public Relations

  1. I hired Roger Neals PR firm and they stole my money! Beware people! Please
    read “Chief Prince Archangel Michael of The Heavenly Wars.” by Josefina
    Hernandez. This is a great fantasy book and my mistake was to hire a PR
    firm that does not know what they are doing. Roger Neals PR does not know
    or has any idea how to promote anything product. Stay away from this firm!

  2. I was thinking about PR career several minutes ago and now I’m 100% sure
    that I will take this as my career! Thanks and it’s really really helpful.

  3. Really good video; I feel that David Henry’s tips regarding multicultural
    P.R. stand out to me because I’m interested in that particular field, in
    addition to automotive P.R. Awesome! – K.R.W., Widener University PRSSA
    P.R. Director.

  4. I like what Anne Tan and Ryan Towery had to say. ou prepare fact sheets
    and press material, and you carry the PR skills set to whatever career you
    go: that’s why this fall I’m studying PR and Speech Communications.

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