Careers in IT Networking: Hear from Cisco Experts

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25 thoughts on “Careers in IT Networking: Hear from Cisco Experts

  1. Why choosing a career in computer networking? Have a look at the video.
    Enrol to prepare the CCNA and CCNP at the Engineering Center of Excellence,
    Manukau Institute of Technology.
    You will be taught by certified instructors, trusted by Cisco
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  2. I got a ccnp but nobody hires me. getting a certification is pointless. all
    they want is over 5 years experience with certs!!! how can i have a
    experience if they dont hire one without experience??? Cisco need to do
    something about this!

  3. this is just fake getting cert do not get job if you do not have refrence
    even cisco themselves do not call only on basis of certs so forget about
    anyother company ths is reality i have faced it

  4. People the journey is the reward. Keep looking and sending resumes to
    employers. Negativity creates more negative energy. When you do get a job
    everyone is going to say its a crap job because its entry level or its
    sales or its customer service. Those people have reached there level of
    incompetence, you can reach much higher if you know this fact. Do not give

  5. ما منمق..من خرب حياتي غيركم..كنت بخير ومن يوم ييتوو فمناهجنااا :”( ..تبددت
    الاحلاام.. ما منمقييين :/

  6. I’m currently in a role as a network apprentice for my local council. I
    want Cisco certs but they are damn expensive, my organisation won’t fund
    the certs because I only have a 1 year contact, any suggestions?

  7. yeah of course you need experience, i am volunteering my time to work with
    a networking company, not got a place yet but i’m sure i will find one. the
    certificates and experience plus my other I.T qualifications will hopefully
    land me a decent job in the future.

  8. Many people including myself gained the CCNA after years of uni and still
    no one has got work…wtf…what is the point in going to uni and working
    hard just to find out you still can’t get a job.

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