Careers in Information Technology

An Exploration of why you should, and why you shouldn’t consider a career in Information Technology.

25 thoughts on “Careers in Information Technology

  1. I have a question ; From what I understand “Networking Security” is the way
    to go? Is this correct cause I am interested in everything about computers
    from web to networking and programing lol and can you get into the job
    market with a associate degree

  2. im really confuse on where should i concentrate, i know C++, VB6 and
    Foxpro, But im also familiar with CSS HTML PHP. i got two career option,
    either web designer/programmer career or application development career.
    which of these two would be better and why?

  3. hey i want to ask i clear year 12 n want to study IT i dont have any comp
    qualification but know how to operate n install format so what i want to
    ask is IT need any qualification

  4. what should i specialize in computer information technology or network
    administrative? im getting an associates degree in it is this worth it?

  5. @MrCybergasm Depends what you do and where you live. Your experience also
    determines pay. But $70,000 isn’t a bad annual estimate for a decent
    positon — if you ask me, anyway. With all the money I’ll have owed by the
    time I finish my master’s, I damn better be making at least 50k or I’m in
    trouble. Watch, I’ll spend all this time in college, and a guy with a
    certification knows everything I know and then some. It’s not the old days.
    Degrees aren’t as important as what you know; thats for sure

  6. If you look at the postings for IT-oriented jobs, the requirements are all
    over the map. In other fields for example, you learn the required material
    (ie. pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, law, etc) and that’s it; the subject
    matter does not change. Of course you will be expected to take continuing
    ed courses throughout your career, but you will not have to learn something
    radically different. Conversely, in IT there is no standardization so every
    company seeks something different.

  7. management information systems guy, network engineer, systems
    administrator, business analyst, security technician, information systems
    guy, programmer, software engineer, communications technician, installer
    (misc), troubleshoot i.t. guy, data guy (finance and accounting), too many
    to mention guy.

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