Careers in Heath Information Technology – Career Chat Ep. #1

The first episode of Career Chat was focused on health information professionals and careers in health information technology. Our panel discussed a day in the life of health information profession…

12 thoughts on “Careers in Heath Information Technology – Career Chat Ep. #1

  1. Did you miss our *Health Information Career Chat* last week?

    We discussed lots of great information regarding health information
    technology and management careers. Check out this 30 minute video to learn
    more about the career field!

    #HIT #HIM #careerchat #jobs #education ´╗┐

  2. Hello, please respond soon. I have registered at ASA COLLEGE already. the
    college is not accredited by CAHIIM, can I still sit for the exam and get
    certified as an RHIT?

  3. Greetings. I found your video very helpful. I’m considering entering this
    field as I’m wanting to make a mid-career change and thought this might be
    a good career choice. I understand most employers are looking for
    experience. How do students right out of school get that experience? The
    other concern I have that is the fact that I’m 50 years old and thinking
    most employers would rather hire a 25 year old. I know age discrimination
    is out there, but very difficult to prove. Thank you for your comments.´╗┐

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