Careers in Geology

UA’s geological sciences department recently hosted the television show “On the Job” for a close-up look at career opportunities in the field. (Produced by A…

25 thoughts on “Careers in Geology

  1. I was undecided what I wanted to do, I almost fell into the footsteps of my
    generation of being a Digital Media and Design graduate… but found my
    true calling of enjoying life outdoors and exploring our world and
    surroundings. GEO life!

  2. I never thought I would go back to school to get a science degree after
    first studying Shakespeare in college. But I loved Earth Science class when
    I was a kid. I thought minerals and rocks were so cool when I was a kid. I
    hope I do well!

  3. Ever since I was very young I wanted to be a Paleontologist. Once I went
    into that and found out that it was basically a dead end I took a lot of
    time to find a new love.. I wish Geology was my first. I couldn’t be
    happier that I ended up learning it.. Going to school for Geology is the
    best decision I’ve EVER made.. Fell in love with it immediately

  4. Lol people think geology is free from math and physics when it basically is
    as worse as engineering. Geology is more specific than engineering. You
    have to specialize in some area. And for software you use computer program
    such as V8i CAD environmental. Lot’s of math, lot’s of physics and
    especially lot’s of chemistry if you want to work in the mineral, oil and
    gas industry. I saw the article from last year in the nature geo science
    magazine and it was told that it’s rare with geo students.

  5. Only problem is that whats the chances of getting a job in geology where
    you can be earning 30k+ in 10 years? I would think slimmer? Wouldn’t you?
    Thankfully I come from a country which is discovering more reserves of
    mineral gas which will probably last for another 5-15 years

  6. I live in Alberta, Canada, and the starting wage for a geologist here is
    70,000 a year. Definitely a great field to go into if you live where I do,
    there are so many options.

  7. At 5:00 did she just say? “You take it for granite”

    I started working towards a environmental stuies degree but in the course
    of that I got very interested in both Geography and Geology. I wonder if
    you can easily double major in these fields.

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