Careers In Economics: Interview with an Economist Careers in economics are discussed in this Careers Out There interview with economist Ben Wilner of Grant…

25 thoughts on “Careers In Economics: Interview with an Economist

  1. Thanks for the video. I’m a student (2nd year) and plan to be switching
    next semester to economics. Im currently a criminology major. I found this
    video very insightful.

  2. No – it really depends on the career path you choose to take with
    economics. Ben talks more about this in the full interview on Careers Out

  3. If you want something that complements your Econ major (instead of just
    something else you’re interested in), statistics or mathematics are great
    minors-especially if you plan to go to grad school (it’s very math-heavy
    once you get past the basic and intermediate Econ classes)

  4. I know! I’m leaning more towards economics, I’m also looking into
    accounting. Man, it’s tough selecting a career path to follow for the rest
    of my life!

  5. Hey Jose – don’t get too overwhelmed with that “rest of my life” line of
    thinking. You of course don’t want to waste time on the wrong path, but if
    something turns out not be right, you can change careers. There’s always
    the chance that your interests will be different in 10, 15 years…and
    you’ll want to shake things up. But keep doing your research so you can
    make the most educated decision possible. Don’t miss our accounting career
    video with Jeff Elliott.

  6. Thanks a lot for the advice. I will definitely watch the video. I like
    business. I really just want to be successful. My parents work really hard
    and want me to pursue a good career in order to not have to struggle like
    they have. I want to help them live a good life after I’m done. I know it’s
    a process and it takes hard work, but I am willing to do it. Accounting has
    my attention. I just need to gather enough info to be as prepared as
    possible in order to be the best at what I do.

  7. hello ! i am a science under grad. will it be good to me for a masters
    program in economics ? if yes , will my under grad degree affect my resume
    in a ositive or negative way?

  8. Hi, my name is Priscilla, I’m from Brazil and I’m ending my Economics
    graduation this year, but I’ve thinking in do a Master is Actuarial
    Mathematics in Austria (to learn German too). I work as research, however I
    am planning now change to the labor market. So, my query is, doing a Msc.
    in Actuarial Mathematic is a good idea?

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