Careers in Consulting: Beyond the Buzz Words

Consultant: from the Latin word consultare, meaning “to discuss.” Consultants are problem solvers. They work in the most exciting industries, encounter the m…

16 thoughts on “Careers in Consulting: Beyond the Buzz Words

  1. Nice video and instructive. However, which is little missing is the fact
    that candidates coming from non-target universities or schools are
    requested to impress more the interviewer to make them feel that they
    surely worth it.

  2. what they hide is massive cash kickbacks companies give governmetn and vice
    versa to get business, no one works for free, and then they project that
    its all clean and above board lol´╗┐

  3. This is an interesting video about the world of management consulting. I
    didn’t know about this field until about 3 months ago.´╗┐

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