Careers in Art Therapy.

Hear from real art therapists talking about their role and the difference they make as part of the NHS team. To find out more about the role visit the NHS Ca…

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  1. This is ART therapy. Not all 4 different types of therapy combined. There
    is art therapy, arts therapy (movement, dancing), music therapy and

  2. Hi there. Thanks for your query. Take a look at our website (links
    available in the description box) for information about pay bands and pay
    rates for art therapists. Best wishes, the NHS Careers team.

  3. art therapy can be anything from collages to molding with clay to making
    crafts with cloth or yarn. It’s basically crafts, drawing, painting,
    anything that relaxed the patient enough to express themselves through the
    art and eventually verbally. If you search it on youtube you’ll get some
    cool projects that art therapists use.

  4. Hi Yovanna, Art therapy is a rewarding and interesting career to go into
    although positions are limited within the NHS. If you want to learn more
    about becoming an art therapist and the training you will need, visit our
    website at look at the information under the allied health professions
    section. Good luck! The NHS Careers team.

  5. Hi Christina, if you give our helpline a call on 0345 60 60 655 they will
    be able to talk you through how to become an art therapist including A
    level results needed and university courses.

  6. You usually need at least three A levels including art but it’s always a
    good idea to check with the university or universities you are thinking of
    applying to for their requirements. Good luck!

  7. Hi Erika, as we are the careers service for healthcare staff in England we
    are cannot tell you which courses to take at your community college but it
    is worth asking them and what opportunities are available locally. And
    people with pyschiatric disorders often help people with similiar problems.
    To work as an art therapist in England you will also need to undertake a
    university degree but worth speaking to someone at your college who can
    provide more specific advice. Good luck!

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