Careers for Women at Microsoft

Hear 3 very different women working in Xbox, cybersecurity and senior leadership talk about why they love working in IT, how they got there and how you could…

4 thoughts on “Careers for Women at Microsoft

  1. Hopefully you decide to take down this video about reverse discrimination
    at Microsoft. People consider Microsoft a leader and would easily
    mistakenly think that this is acceptable. Here are a couple of quotes from
    your video. I think if you look at them objectively, you’ll find they seem
    obviously discriminatory.

    “My boss is a woman, she too reports in to a woman in the US. So, we’re
    infiltrating the games kind of world, internally through Microsoft.”

    Then she goes on to describe how she was given a special privilege that was
    provided only to woman at her work.

    “There’s definitely a big kind of female unity, I suppose, within Microsoft
    to get us more visible within the industry.”

    It just seems strangely discriminatory for a company that supposedly
    doesn’t discriminate.

  2. Excellent video.
    I am a female in the I.T industry in New Zealand and it is my dream to work
    for Microsoft. Great to see other women working in the I.T industry!

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