Careers for Math Majors

Want to learn about possible careers for math majors? Here, see some good mathematics career ideas. Careers for Math Majors So you’ve got a degree in mathema…

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  1. True. I had literally tons of offers after I got my degree. I worked for an
    Investment company for a short while (too little spare time for my taste)
    before I easily switched over to Management Consulting. Loads of work but
    the income+bonus is sick if you do a good job. Somehow I feel unfulfilled
    though and will likely be going back to academia. Oh and no knowledge in
    business was required, I didn’t even use a lot of math. Logical thinking
    was all they wanted. I’m an MIT graduate.

  2. When we employ new consultants we don’t generally care if they have a BSC
    or BA. All a BSC means that it’s more strict on you taking more courses
    within your major. We usually look at what schools the graduates come from
    and a lot on extracurricular activities.

  3. Can you tell me more about the income for a graduate and how important is a
    mathematician for an investment company or a consulting company ? Thank you

  4. It’s not the fact that you’re a mathematician that matters.There are plenty
    of people who work as consultants who are engineers, physics PhD’s and
    numerous other things. Basically you need to have strong analyzing and
    logical skills. You go through literately at least 50 interviews before
    you’re selected they range from mathematical word problems to puzzles,case
    interviews and just meeting for a drink with your future team leaders.
    Income for a graduate student? Prepare to eat lots of MacNCheese

  5. Thank you very much. Can you tell me why you don’t work in a company who
    really needs mathematicians ? For the income : is it so bad ? under
    40k/year ?

  6. Well it depends what type of job you want. If you want to do pure
    mathematics all you can do is go to grad school and pray to be hired as a
    professor at a university. Applied math opens up many more paths comparable
    with engineers. I don’t work for the consulting firm anymore. I work for
    Occidental Petroleum in LA. I’m in Switzerland right now, the company is
    paying me to be here for the summer to finish my education to a chemical
    engineer (my initial major in college).As you see, may doors open

  7. I really like applied maths. Right now, I’m doing my bachelor’s degree in
    mathematical sciences in Belgium. So if I want to work in the industry or
    in a private company like you, do I have to do an engineering master ?

  8. Definitely not. You can easily get hired just with the education that you
    have. My initial job at OXY dealt with fluid dynamics – something that we
    studied in depth in applied maths and that I knew better than the
    engineers. Don’t get a master’s immediately , you risk getting
    overqualified. A lot of times the corporation will sponsor your master’s
    studies, as they are doing for me right now. I’m actually getting paid to
    learn about stuff I love. If not, you can leave the company do it later.

  9. I’m not the best at math but I have a dream that I will be a lawyer and I
    want to make math my strength instead of my weakness 

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