“Career Day” by The Bazillions

Check out our new video, “Prefix or Suffix?” — http://youtu.be/H2Z4p0au1yk What do you want to be when you grow up? Think it over while you watch the latest…

24 thoughts on ““Career Day” by The Bazillions

  1. @goodhorsehymn Sure! Please just credit the band and if you feel so
    inclined mention our web site thebazillions-dot-com. We are independent
    artists and really appreciate your support. So glad to hear you like the
    song. Thanks!

  2. This is the best video and song about careers i’ve seen so far, IT ROCKS!
    just amazing and entertaining for the kids, Im teaching in China and this
    is just what i was looking for, today’s career day! thanks a loot
    thebazillions-dot-com !!!

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