25 thoughts on “California Careers With Freddy Cochran How to Become an FBI Agent

  1. Mr. butcherscott. Listen to this; I am American citizen. I pay my taxes & i
    am Register voters. Where should I go and live? You sound is very ignorant.
    My Advice to you to educate yourself. You sound is very Lunatic.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Fuck Baskets Incorporated should never have come
    into existence, and most certainly should have been disbanded when it was
    found that Jackoff Edgar Hoover was using the “bureau” to conduct all
    manner of rights violating and other manipulative underhanded shitbag
    activities. Happily, it seems that the FBI will cease to exist soon.

  3. Hoover was somewhat shady. But he did go after the KKK and other
    tremendous jerks who were anti American. And the FBI took part in
    murdering Fred Hampton, a Black Panther who went straight. However, these
    had D.C> connections, the local guys are honest. They did put the Governor
    of IL away, and Bill Cellini, who everyone thought was “untouchable.” He
    was the power broker of IL, and basically ran Springfield, the state
    capital, so they said to me. However he is now in Federal prison, thanks
    to the FBI. They are honest. see the aarc website, it has records of
    senate committees, etc. I’ve talked to FBI agents, one, a woman, was a
    real jerk and swore at me. I was reporting state crime to her, I think she
    was a mole put there to discourage me. The others were very interested,
    professional, and honest. Don’t hesitate to report crime to them. 

  4. This has to be one of the best informational interviews I have viewed! Mr.
    Cochran asked all the right questions and Mr. Black seems like a cool,
    laid-back guy. Mr. Cochran reminds me of Saul Goodman! 

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