Are You a Good Programmer or Great Programmer? — Careers in Android

What’s the difference between a standard programmer and a programmer that drives a fancy car? Is it about the number of coding languages you know? Probably N…

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  1. Great video again. I am leaving University this year hopefully with my CS
    Degree. And these types of videos are great for my motivation, so thank you

  2. No, it’s actually not the mic, but my audio control on the camera. The mic
    is high end, I just need to figure how to control the input better. This
    was all shot together so the next batch will be better.

  3. //Ok, got it, thanks! 🙂 ————–
    Guys, don’t feel bad. I posted this video NOT to make you feel bad, but for
    you to understand what SKILL you NEED to develop not only to survive this
    program, but to EXCEL in the program that we were BLESSED to get into.

    If God permits that we live….
    Let’s graduate together, ok? 🙂

    #BUTno,youAREwrongToThinkThatYouDon’tHaveThis—-FindIt,HoneIt-> DEVELOP
    it. 🙂

    I.T.S.D. ^^,)

    When frustration kicks in and strength is down, remember again the purpose
    of this field, and why we have chosen it: programs that eliminates
    vulnerabilities caused by human’s limitations, captures the actuality of
    things, delivers tasks more efficiently for everyone and makes things
    happen—> if done right. ^^,) And for you to be able to do it right, you
    have to learn how to learn, and become skilled at it. ^^,)

  4. Short video with snippets of interviews from experts speaking about
    differences between a good programmers vs great programmers.

    Are You a Good Programmer or Great Programmer? — Careers in Android

  5. At what point is programming a career and not just a summer job. 80k a
    year is only 20k if you ultimately work six months out of every twenty four
    or three months out of every twelve.

  6. Note: This applies to all sorts of engineering and scientific jobs. I view
    the “thing” they were talking about as an attitude to problem solving
    (which includes learning). Have the attitude to focus on solving problems
    in the best way possible and the shortest possible time and you’ll improve
    miles in whatever your specialty is.

  7. I’ve got a problem to solve for ya. Your mic is muffled and spiking, you
    should move it further from your mouth and take it out of your jacket. And
    buy a new one.

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