Animation Careers : Career Options for Animators

Career options for animators, whether they are computer or hand-drawn animators, include working in feature animation, TV shows, commercials or independent f…

25 thoughts on “Animation Careers : Career Options for Animators

  1. Well you don’t really need a degree for 2d animation you could get into
    like Disney Animation studios, if your art is really really good. Now you
    couldn’t be a animatior for them but you could do the story boards or even
    the character designs and move up to directing it if your talented enough.
    But those who can’t deal with school it’s probabily wise to just make comic
    books or comic strips I mean there hard but don’t require no degree just
    plain skill.

  2. 20 years old, did not go to any art school.. have drawn since I was
    little.. stopped after went to high school though but can say still have a
    passion for drawing kind of stuff.. will it be too late to start thinking
    about a career in Animation? I would love to work for Animation studios in

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  4. I just ordered the most awesome book of animation out there… “The
    Animators Survival Kit – Expanded Edition”! I’m going to buy “The Illusion
    Of Life” later though. I can’t wait for this book to come in the mail! It’s
    going to be revolutionary! Then I can finally start expressing myself
    through ANIMATION!

  5. i want to study animation when i go to uni and i live in the uk. Anyone
    recommend any animation companies in the uk? and if you’re an animator does
    your company employ people a lot?

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